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How is coronavirus transmitted?

Coronavirus is a common virus that causes infections in your nose, sinuses or throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous.

Some of them are serious. About 858 people died of respiratory syndrome (MERS) in the Middle East, first in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and then in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere in Europe. In April 2014, the first American was hospitalized for MERS in Indiana, another incident reported in Florida. Both have returned from Saudi Arabia. The MERS outbreak in Korea in May 2015 was the largest outbreak outside the Arabian Peninsula. In 2003, 774 people died of acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreaks. As of 2015, there are no further reports of SARS patients. MERS and SARS are the types of coronary virus.

What is Coronavirus?
A new source of coronavirus has infected hundreds of people in China and fears it may spread throughout the world.
The virus, which was confirmed to have spread to Beijing last weekend, could be infected …

Learn about lung cancer. Lung cancer treatment .

I have chosen lung cancer as the next topic in my series. There is a close relationship between lung cancer and smoking. Lung cancer is also associated with a decreased risk of developing lung cancer. Smoking is more prevalent in men and women with lung cancer than in women.

Other causes of lung cancer include passive smoking, exposure to metals such as arsenic, chromium, beryllium, and nickel in various occupations, exposure to radiation, exposure to air pollution, and genetic causes.

Symptoms may include bleeding with the mucus, unexpected weight loss, and shortness of breath. The cause of these symptoms is lung cancer by a doctor's X-ray or CT scan.

Once diagnosed with lung cancer, a biopsy is necessary to determine and treat it permanently.

Lung cancer can be divided into three main types. that,

¥ Small Cell Cancer

¥ Adeno Carcinoma

¥ Squamous cell cancer.

The combination of both adenocarcinoma and squamous cell cancer is also known as non-small cell (non-small cell)…