How is coronavirus transmitted?

Coronavirus is a common virus that causes infections in your nose, sinuses or throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous.

Some of them are serious. About 858 people died of respiratory syndrome (MERS) in the Middle East, first in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and then in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere in Europe. In April 2014, the first American was hospitalized for MERS in Indiana, another incident reported in Florida. Both have returned from Saudi Arabia. The MERS outbreak in Korea in May 2015 was the largest outbreak outside the Arabian Peninsula. In 2003, 774 people died of acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreaks. As of 2015, there are no further reports of SARS patients. MERS and SARS are the types of coronary virus.

What is Coronavirus?
A new source of coronavirus has infected hundreds of people in China and fears it may spread throughout the world.
The virus, which was confirmed to have spread to Beijing last weekend, could be infected …

14 incredible coconut water nutritional qualities.

Coconut water
                  A coconut is formed by a natural process of biological purification over several months. So the final composition of the coconut water in it is the composition of our cells in the plasma.

Potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, and ions are common in coconut water, due to their small amount of natural sugar. The ionic properties are also excellent.

Also, coconut water and alcohol are very rich in dietary fiber ... that is, there are micronutrients like manganese, iodine, sulfur, zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, C, and O.

It also contains essential amino acids, organic acids, antioxidants, bioactive enzymes, plant chemicals, organic acids, antioxidants, bioactive enzymes, plant chemicals, plant hormones, and heart fat.

However, in our country's local medicine, coconut water has been used as a cure for the history of coconut water.

Due to its high mineral content in coconut water, it has therapeutic properties to prevent high blood pressure.

Western medicine uses coconut and orange water to reduce the risk of overdose, poisoning, and heavy metals such as pesticides and arsenic cadmium.

Orange coconut water contains monologic acid, an essential fatty acid, which enhances our immune system and protects us from disease.

Orange water has also been found to be important in the management of diabetes.

Orange water is a great food for heartburn because it lowers our body's cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol.

Coconut water, coconut water, and coconut water are also rich in antioxidants that destroy free radicals that cause cancer.

Because orange water contains minerals such as zinc and selenium, it is said to be beneficial for sex, fertility, and alcohol.

Orange water is one of the best nutritional supplements that can be given to the elderly as well as to the patients who have difficulty digesting solid foods.

Coconut and orange water are said to be more effective than infant milk products because they contain lauric acid found in breast milk. Pregnant mothers also drink coconut water.

Drinking orange or turmeric water has great benefits when the body is tired and dehydrated.


Enjoy the benefits of drinking coconut/coconut/orange every morning.

Educate your children from an early age on artificial sweeteners, preservatives, pigments, DCDs, melamine, salt, oils, sugars, and natural foods.

In America, a liter of coconut water can be purchased for around $ 5.

In the UK it sells for around £ 3.

In the US alone, coconut water sales for 2013 amounted to US $ 395 million.

Americans have become accustomed to this natural nutrient intake by the year 2013 when the number of coconut water imports increased from 10,000 metric tons to 100,000 metric tons.

Coconut water, recognized by the World Health Organization as a valuable beverage, has the potential to alleviate many internal and external ailments. A divine herbal supplement with nutrient and antioxidant properties such as vitamin B, C, E, iron, calcium potassium magnesium, zinc selenium, iodine, sulfur amino acids, organic acid chemicals, plant hormones.

It is known as the world's most natural beverage. Potassium is abundant in coconut water. It is said to be more potent than bananas, and a cup of coconut water, more than a glass of oranges and milk. During World War II, it was reported that some 500,000 people were cured by using this drug as saline. These are the medicinal properties of coconut water, which have been revealed by research in various countries.

Washing your face with coconut water helps to cure burns. Scars on the skin will fade. Dryness is eliminated, skin aging will be delayed, wetness and lightness will develop. The youthful look lasts a long time.

By massaging the head of the coconut oil, the lauric acid, which has anti-fungal properties, acts as a natural conditioner. It also heals blisters and blisters on the head and prevents hair fall, causing blue hair to grow. The fatty acids in the heart, coconut milk, heart disease, and hypertension play another role.

The blood circulation system has been shown to improve blood cholesterol. In one study using hypertension patients, it was found that drinking coconut water reduced blood pressure by 71%.

A chiropractor at the Philippine Chinese Hospital made a statement about the value of coconut water in its patients. He said that patients who needed surgery because of kidney stones had to drink a few days a week to get rid of the kidney stones, the small lesions, which could be cured without surgery. Accordingly, coconut water helps to control kidney problems and diabetes.

Its widespread use eliminates the need for high-intake food, eliminates obesity, and alleviates the effects of alcohol poisoning and overdose.

In 1999, another study at Yale University in the United States found that coconut milk was associated with sugar cravings.

The monolaurin contained in it is capable of destroying pathogenic bacterial viruses, herpes, HINI, a virulent antiviral virus. With its abundance of sodium and potassium and magnesium in the coconut, it can reduce sexual fertility and promote sexual activation. Coconut water that is beneficial to the eye also improves the appearance of cataracts and glaucoma. Strengthens the muscles and prevents hair loss.

Pregnant mothers are able to relieve the discomfort, such as vomiting, as well as keeping the baby healthy. Coconut, measles, scabies and hot spots are a relief. Eating too much salt can also help the body to avoid harm. It goes beyond fruits to eliminate constipation. Coconut can also suppress various ailments such as stress, depression, gastritis, cancer, stomach ulcers, and worms. Coconut water helps to control high blood sugar levels.

Coconut water contains many nutrients, including magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and manganese. It's also rich in calories and vitamin B. Coconut water helps to strengthen muscles and improve bone health. Moreover? It has also been shown to boost immunity.

Coconut water nutrition 

Today, coconut water has become a popular drink in Japan, Europe, South Korea, and China. The inside of the fruit does not accumulate microorganisms. Low-fat, non-alcoholic beverages have also been evaluated. Also, calories are very low in calories. The acidity of the p. The H content ranges between 5 and 6 percent. There is no sugar in the coconut as compared to the eyebrow. By the time the coconut is ripe, the percentage can be reduced to 2.5 grams.

Nutritional composition of coconut water
The ingredient is mature coconut water

94 g of water
Caloric kilocalories 18
0.2 Proteinograms
0.2 grams of fat
3.7 grams of starch
2.6 milligrams of sugar
25 mg of calcium
0.3 ml of iron
25 mg of magnesium
20 ml of phosphorus
250 mg of potassium
115 mg of sodium
2.5 mg of vitamin C

Coconut water is very good for high blood pressure. One hundred milliliters of potassium contains about 250 milligrams of potassium. There are no reports of adverse cholesterol, so good cholesterol levels can be maintained well.

Recent studies have identified the potential for special properties in kidney disease. A study conducted by the medical director of the Department of Urology at the Chinese Hospital of the Philippines, Eugenio McLeanquis, showed that patients who were given dates for removing the urinary tract were given coconut water. Infection on the road The machines are easily preventable.

Coconut water has been used by India and Africa for the treatment of poisons. The drug reduces the risk of overdose and poisoning of heavy metals and arsenic.

More good news from coconut water. Coconut plant hormones help prevent aging complications. This helps protect against aging, even when you are old.

The World Food and Agriculture Organization (WHO) has shown that zinc and selenium contained in coconut water are beneficial for men's sperm quality. Due to its ionic properties, the drug is rapidly absorbed into the body. Good for digestive problems. Digestive disorders, vomiting, constipation, and mild conditions.

The medicinal properties of coconut water

01. Coconut water helps to control high blood sugar levels.

02. Coconut water helps cure kidney stones.

Coconut water nourishes the hair.

04. Coconut water is one of the best remedies for digestion.

05. Coconut water is a high energy drink.

06. Coconut water is a good treatment for urinary tract infections. Drinking two glasses of coconut water a day can completely cure urinary tract infections.

07. Coconut water contains lauric acid, thereby protecting all the proteins in the food.

08. Drinking coconut water deepens and nourishes the skin and reduces dryness of the skin.

09. Before bedtime, take some coconut water and apply it on your face.

10. Drinking coconut water is a good remedy for dry hair.

11. Drinking coconut water can keep blood circulating at bay.

12. Coconut water contains a lot of nutrients, including magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and manganese. It's also rich in calories and vitamin B.

13. Coconut water helps to strengthen muscles and improve bone health.

14. Increases immunity.


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