Is your sperm weak?

is your sperm weak ?

                                         Is your sperm weak?

  Are you ready to raise a child But are you worried about your lack of sperm production? The main cause of male infertility today is the lack of sperm production and poor quality of sperm. There must be more than 15 million sperm seeds per milliliter of sperm. The reason for this decrease is that the sex organs are too hot and too stressed. But you're in luck. Here are some steps you can take to increase your sperm production.

Change your habits

Avoid overheating your genitals. Otherwise, the sperm is not producing enough. It requires coolness. Avoid wearing very tight underwear and pants. Use loose and cotton underwear. Also, do not wear lingerie and use hot water for bathing. Massage your body with herbal oil. Quit smoking and alcohol. Eat more starchy, high protein foods, vegetables, and whole grains. Add fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruits to your diet. Also eat peanuts, walnuts, cashews, sunflowers and pumpkin seeds. Avoid eating soy.

If you are used to vegetarian diets, sperm production and quality will increase. Using quality vegetables and fruits helps the body to become healthy and to have sexual arousal. If you are grieving without children, try to have a diet rich in vegetables and fruits to choose from today. Stop smoking and taking drugs as much as possible. Stop drinking fast food, pre-cooked meals, cancer risk foods, and cola drinks.

We bring you three foods that enhance sperm production. Avoid overeating when adding these.

1. Garlic

One or two cloves of garlic can be added to your daily diet to boost your sperm growth. It also increases blood circulation.

2. Black chocolate

Taking small portions of it every day helps to produce healthy sperm.

3. Walnut

These make the sperm mature and function properly. It also lowers cholesterol and improves brain function. Eat 8 times a day.

Try to develop good health habits. Let us create a healthy human race.

Be victorious!