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How is coronavirus transmitted?

Coronavirus is a common virus that causes infections in your nose, sinuses or throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous.

Some of them are serious. About 858 people died of respiratory syndrome (MERS) in the Middle East, first in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and then in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere in Europe. In April 2014, the first American was hospitalized for MERS in Indiana, another incident reported in Florida. Both have returned from Saudi Arabia. The MERS outbreak in Korea in May 2015 was the largest outbreak outside the Arabian Peninsula. In 2003, 774 people died of acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreaks. As of 2015, there are no further reports of SARS patients. MERS and SARS are the types of coronary virus.

What is Coronavirus?
A new source of coronavirus has infected hundreds of people in China and fears it may spread throughout the world.
The virus, which was confirmed to have spread to Beijing last weekend, could be infected …

14 incredible coconut water nutritional qualities.

A coconut is formed by a natural process of biological purification over several months. So the final composition of the coconut water in it is the composition of our cells in the plasma.

Potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, and ions are common in coconut water, due to their small amount of natural sugar. The ionic properties are also excellent.

Also, coconut water and alcohol are very rich in dietary fiber ... that is, there are micronutrients like manganese, iodine, sulfur, zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, C, and O.

It also contains essential amino acids, organic acids, antioxidants, bioactive enzymes, plant chemicals, organic acids, antioxidants, bioactive enzymes, plant chemicals, plant hormones, and heart fat.

However, in our country's local medicine, coconut water has been used as a cure for the history of coconut water.

Due to its high mineral content in coconut water, it has therapeutic properties to prevent high blood pressure.


mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal in the world.

   It is very rare for a mosquito bite to exist in the world. This tiny creature, about an inch in size, will fly into your bedroom and suck its blood with its sharp beak. In this way, the female of the mosquito bites you. She sucks your blood in order to meet her need for breeding.

Of the 2,700 mosquitoes found, only a few are known to bite during the day. Other types bite at night or in the dark.

Female mosquitoes with thorny feathers, a few feet, and a wide range of contacts are all in the shape of an unusual spacecraft. The mosquito has the ability to fly very fast. Mosquitoes have special abilities such as flying, stagnation, vertical flight, rapid acceleration, avoidance of strokes, flying forward, back and forth. According to insect experts, some mosquitoes are capable of avoiding rains, keeping their bodies dry and moving to their destination.

When a female mosquito finds you, her wings move about 250 to 600 times per second. This depends on the type she belongs to and the spe…

Here are five ways to stop hair loss in men and women.

Hair is one of the most popular body parts for both men and women. Hair loss, smoothness, and loss of hair are a serious problem today for men and women. Hair loss or hair loss is a problem for many people, but with the busyness of the day, many people pay little attention to hair. But to create a healthy haircut, your awareness is essential.

It is important that we know how a person's hair grows. Growth of hair takes three stages.

1. (Anagen Phase)

2. (Resting Phase)

3. (A Falling Phase)

There are about 100,000 hairs on the head of a healthy person.

Usually 80% of a healthy person's hair is in the growth phase, 5% is at rest, and the remaining 15% is in recovery. Hair grows to about 1 to 2 centimeters a month.

Frequently women complain, "Oh my hair is going ..." There are a number of ways to understand this condition: excessive combing of hair when brushing, excessive hair loss after showering, excessive hair on the pillow when you wake up, and the appearance of sca…

Easy way to solve mental illness

Research has shown that using mindfulness as an exercise is a good treatment for many mental illnesses. As most of you know, stress is an inescapable state of mind that many of us face. When we are confronted with everyday life, we build up tension in response to problems. To some extent, stress can be called an effective mental reaction. But intense stress can make us mentally and physically sick. Headaches, body aches, insomnia, nervousness, fear and failure of the work involved are common mental and physical conditions that can cause stress. They can also cause heart attacks, diabetes, and a variety of illnesses.
Mindfulness has been shown by many studies to be effective in reducing stress. We will look at some of these surveys.

One survey, conducted by the University of Massachusetts in the United States, advised the group to practice a variety of mental exercise exercises and practice them in their home for eight weeks. After 8 weeks their stress and brain changes were detected.


Lose weight quickly and easily within a 7 days

Lose weight quickly and easily You have seen so many myths on the Internet that help you lose weight. But none of these suggestions were published on the basis of fact. This is why we decided to present you with some of the things that have been tested and confirmed by world-renowned health professionals for weight loss.

Drink water
Especially before a meal
It is widely held that drinking lots of water can help you lose weight. This is true. Drinking water can speed up the body's metabolic process by as much as 24% - 30% in as little as an hour. Keep in mind that this is the first and foremost thing that anyone who is thinking about weight loss can do because it can burn extra calories.

Eggs for breakfast
Eating eggs will help you get all kinds of essential nutrients and will help you lose weight. Research has shown that eating eggs instead of a cereal-based breakfast can stimulate the mind to burn fewer calories for the next 36 hours. If you do not want to eat eggs, you can get the…

pumpkin benifits and nutrition

The botanical name is "Cucurbita maxima".

Just because the pumpkin is yellow gives you an idea of ​​it. Yellow vegetables and fruits are rich in “vitamins”. A good cauliflower for the urinary tract as well as for heart disease. Pumpkin is so good for digestion that the only remedy for constipation in the past was to eat boiled pumpkin.

Nutritional value  of pumpkin
25 kilo calories of energy

Protein 1.4
0.1 grams of fat
4.6 grams of carbohydrates
10 milligrams of calcium
30 milligrams of phosphorus
0.7 milligrams of iron
50 micro grams of carotene
60 micro grams of thymine
40 micro grams of Riboflavin
2 milligrams of vitamin
92.6 g of water

An excellent disinfectant, pumpkin straps provide protection against worms and worms. Pumpkin is very effective in treating cardiovascular disease and also helps in controlling the muscle spasms of the skin. It contains collagen and provides good care for the skin. Wash the pumpkin pulp and wash it afterward. It protects the skin from moisture…


Today we are not talking about vegetables and fruits. But it is about a food that has great nutritional value associated with it. Today's article is about honey produced by bees, which are essential for the survival of the human world.
As soon as the word 'honey' is eaten, the tongue immediately tastes delicious, and it is no secret that it is an intimate taste for many. However, we rarely meet people who do not like to taste honey.
Some metals are needed for the health and well-being of the human body. These honey compounds are so incredibly astounding that they are truly incredible.

Honey also contains vitamins and metals, such as iron, copper, manganese, silica, chlorine, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, aluminum, and magnesium. These pass from the earth to the plants, from the herbs to the nectar. But not all of these metals are the same in all honey samples. These can vary from country to country, from province to province, depending on soil and environment. Investigati…