Woman Surprised With Weight Loss After Removing a Cyst

By | January 7, 2019

The impressive images show the amazing transformation of a woman after the doctors removed a cyst.



He managed to have a new life

The doctors told Keely Favell, 28, of Swansea, that she was pregnant, but three tests turned out to be negative. She married her friends’ questions about her baby’s due date, tricked everyone to pretend she was waiting. Favell knew that he was simply accumulating pounds. In fact, the truth behind his growing weight gain was much more complicated.

His load was really a massive ovarian cyst that weighed the same as seven newborn babies.

Favell, who lost a third of his body weight after surgery, said: “I lost sight of how difficult the simple things like driving a car or going up the stairs had become.”

“Losing my problem gave me back my life, I cannot thank my surgeon enough,” he added.

The young woman started gaining weight around 2014, but she blamed her body for changing physical form.