Why Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Surgery Should Be Your Last Option

By | August 24, 2018

balloon weight loss surgery

Balloon weight loss surgery – Obesity rates in the United States are rising, yet the increase in surgical operations can cause major mental and physical health issues in the trade to lose fat instantly. The consequences of the negative side of instant gratification can last for years to come for those who underwent surgery.

What is more, society is exerting increasing pressure on men and women to be skinny, beautiful and successful. More so for women with more stress in their expectation of carrying children while maintaining jobs. As people find themselves in less time, but growing pressure is weak, they are beginning to become dangerous surgeries.

As people find themselves in less time, but growing pressure is weak, they are beginning to become dangerous surgeries. Obesity surgeries and infectious balloon actions have become more popular in the United States. While some insurers will cover the procedures of patients with excessive obesity, many doctors expect to see them among smaller and less weighty people as well.

We have increased your weight and compiled a list of reasons why gastric surgery is the last time you think when you’re looking to lose weight. But first, how it works:


Intestinal balloons are inserted into the patient’s abdomen by mouth. This can be done in the conduct of outpatient clinics, and the process is considered even in the case of minimal surgical intervention. What’s more, the procedure can be done in less than thirty minutes.

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During this time, the patient is certainly under anesthesia which comes with a range of his own complications. The patient is undergoing surgery in the hope that he will leave quickly with new appetite and new wings prone to weight reduction.

The devices are created and designed so they can stay with the patient for up to six months.

When the doctor puts the balloon in place, it fills it with a sterile solution. This takes a large amount of room into any particular human stomach. The patient will certainly be nauseous and suffering immediately after the operation, probably a few weeks later.

Doctors promise the symptoms will subside. With a metallic balloon in place, patients are supposed to feel much less hungry. Weight loss was reported from 5% to 10% of total patient weight.

It’s growing in popularity

Over 220,000 people around the world have a balloon destined to lose weight placed in their bodies. International sales of these balloons rose to nearly $120 million. It is particularly popular in Europe, Mexico, and Brazil.

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However, Mexico and Brazil have more relaxed laws when it comes to surgical procedures. In the United States, only 5,000 organ transplants were reported in the United States. Healthcare for patients after surgery has not been taken seriously, until recently.

1. FDA said so

gastric balloon side effects for weight loss

The FDA recently sent a letter to all healthcare providers showing data and reports of various deaths from balloon systems in a fluid-filled vial used to treat obesity. While some cases showed unclear causes of death, all occurred within one month of the development of the infectious balloon.

In three of these cases, the patient died within a day to three days after the gastric balloon surgery. The Food and Drug Administration has acknowledged that it is unsure of the root cause of the problem, but is sure that it is directly linked to the balloon procedure. They were unable to determine the rate of the patient’s death, but the deaths occur shortly after the balloon is placed indoors within patients. Problems can be created with a hole in the stomach or esophagus, intestinal obstruction, or other causes.

Additional deaths were reported in a similar period of time in 2016. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that one has to deal with the gastric puncture through an infectious balloon surgery and that one other was returned to the esophagus after the patient was used for a restructuring device. Many doctors speculate that they have to do with the technique and position of the balloon. It is a new procedure and the skill required to do so effectively has not yet been done. However, patients die in experiments.

The FDA Food and Drug Administration continues to study and work with physicians and companies to understand the issues further. While monitoring the complications resulting from the procedure, they have yet to approve the device as a safe option. We hope that the status of the continuous approval of the device will be determined before many people turn to this option for weight loss.

However, there are options for weight loss with proven results will not ruin your stomach or your mind.

2. Deterioration of mental health after the gastric balloon operation

balloon weight loss costMany patients suffer “dumping” after these types of weight loss procedures. People get serious illnesses in conjunction with eating after surgical procedures. People are struggling as they try to relate to the huge changes that have taken place in their bodies.

Dumping is a condition that can occur after planting a prepared balloon. This happens when you eat, sugar basically moves from your stomach to your gut at a rapid rate. This can cause serious stomach cramps and severe pain. There is a continuing challenge as patients go through the feelings of loss and regain control over their weight. Their efforts to build new food habits while they continue to work hard to adapt to their new bodies can create a serious dilemma and can lead to bad food habits and more dumping.

Procedures that alter the internal body and permanently dissect the stomach do not mean that it will determine the person’s eating habits, which are usually the essence of weight problems. Habits cannot be reduced or changed only because part of their members owns them.

People feel frustrated because they can’t keep eating what they’ve been doing before through surgery. Many patients expect the surgery to be a repair to all their health problems. The fact is that although surgery may help them lose weight instantly, it is the beginning of a lifetime battle with mental illness with food.

Try again

If you are thinking of weight loss surgery because you are frustrated at the rate, you lose your weight and do not think that it is within the scope of the possibility, think again. There are many wonderful programs and doctors who can put you on a healthy path to losing weight without surgery.

With a regular workout system and super food assistance, you can start your way to a healthy and beautiful life again. It takes work and discipline, but you’ll be happy to lose weight without surgery and a balloon in your gut.

Okay, I guess enough up here first a discussion of balloon weight loss surgery, hopefully, there are many benefits that you can take in this article. Don’t forget to share your social media tree, so that those who currently run the diet program, could do correctly. Thank you.