Weight Loss Camp for Teens in Washington State

By | August 21, 2018

weight loss camp for teens

Weight loss camp for teens – Many of us have seen it and some of us are even experienced. The teasing and sarcasm of a teenager are overweight at school, on the pitch or in the street. Very rarely does anyone seem to see that there may be some basic factors contributing to the weight problems of these teenagers? At the weight loss camp in rites of Passage for young people in Washington, we looked at this possibility.

As a result, we have developed an effective programme in which students acquire the awareness of themselves, take ownership of their actions and use their strengths and weaknesses to improve their life choices. By combining the rites of Passage and the traditional Fat camp concept, our weight loss camp for teenagers also includes a comprehensive food programme. Here, we not only teach our children about calories but teach them how to eat healthy food and maintain a healthy diet when they return home.


Participation in our wild journeys offers our students ample time for self-reflection; To answer the question, ” Who do I want to be?” These adventures come with many challenges of everyday life, both physical and emotional. Our students prove to themselves that they have what is needed within them to overcome the natural obstacles in life. Preparing their own nutritious food, preparing adequate shelter and maintaining basic camp procedures allows them to take responsibility, taking advantage of their skills and abilities and working within a team.

Individual therapy sessions with our personal therapists allow our students to consider solving any deep-seated problems that may have brought them to us. When our students are ready to leave the “Rites of passage” camps to reduce the weight of teenagers in Washington, they will not only lose weight but gain an understanding of themselves, confidence and self-reliance to define, achieve and maintain their goals. For a healthier life.

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