Use Black Seed Oil Weight Loss and Wellness for Life

By | September 18, 2018

use black seed oil weight loss

Someone use black seed oil weight loss powder and mixes it in his or her food. It has a strong aromatic aroma and pepper taste, so it is recommended to mix the powder well with your food. Others take the extract of the pond grain in the form of cereals. But tablets can contain different levels of purity, which may make it difficult for you to determine the correct dosage.

The best way to use the extracts of the Sativa plant is through its oil form. For one, it is the simplest and most way to consume this plant extract. You can add honey to that and blend it in an exceeding glass of water.

You can also mix it with your salad or dish fry salad. Moreover, studies indicate that the form of oil has a greater strength than the forms of tablets or powders.

However, many people find black seed oil a bit hard to swallow because of its strong taste. You have many options in taking black seed oil:

Option 1: Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil with 1 tablespoon or 2 tablespoons of honey. Do this each morning before your 1st meal of the day.

Option 2: Combine a teaspoon of black seed oil and a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon with a glass of water. Mix everything together at room temperature. I do this first thing in the morning every day before eating breakfast and at night before going to bed.

Option 3: Add a teaspoon of black seed oil to your salad dressing.

Option 4: You will need a teaspoon of black seed oil and one orange. Squeeze the orange juice. Add a teaspoon of black seed extract and mix well with the juice. Drink this cooking every day on an empty stomach.

Option 5: Drink one cup of warm water with lemon juice. Take three to five milligrams of black seed in a spoon. Scoop in a cup of warm water. Swallow the seeds with water. After that, eat a teaspoon of pure natural honey.

Why is Black Seed Oil Weight Loss Effective

Black seed oil contains high levels of Phytosterols, a vegetable fat that controls the amount of cholesterol absorbed by your body. Apart from this, it has been proven to balance blood glucose levels by increasing the sensitivity of your cells to glucose and insulin, thus ensuring that your body is able to respond well to them. This prevents you from wanting carbohydrates and desserts.

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Black seed oil, also known as black seed, contains linoleic acid that is associated with CLA or is a fatty acid that speeds up the body’s ability to burn fat. The fact that black seed oil contains a combination of CLA and phytosterols proves that it is an effective weight loss formula.

Black seed oil weight loss is one of the most popular and most effective natural solutions for weight loss. It is made from the seeds of Nigella Sativa, which is native to Asia. Nigella Sativa is part of the Buttercup family and has small black seeds in the form of a crescent. The first uses of its plant extract were recorded during the Times of King Tut in ancient Egypt.

In fact, Cleopatra was believed to have used black seed oil for her skin and hair. Hippocrates also used it to treat digestive problems. Reginald Campbell, the author of the Assyrian Herbs Book of 1924, described the Nigella Sativa plant as a potent vegetarian drug that could treat a number of diseases, including skin disorders.

Traditionally, it was used in folk medicine to promote metabolism, treat digestive problems, circulatory system and respiratory tract and reduce inflammation. Some of the diseases reported cured by black seed oil include asthma, allergies, bronchitis, flatulence, intestinal fungi, hay fever, pre-menstrual headaches, and high blood pressure. Among the many ingredients of this plant extract that makes it very useful for health are antioxidants.

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It is rich in fatty acids, including oleic, Linoleic and Palmitic, which help to transfer fat from the body. It can also improve digestion, helping your body to take advantage of all nutrients properly and stimulating the proper disposal of waste. The ether extract of the Black Seed was also discovered to have an effect on appetite.

Besides, it can also help to lower blood glucose levels, which may lead to weight loss and improve overall health. This also means that it can help reduce your cravings for foods loaded with carbohydrates and filled sugar.

A study of 88 obese women in Iran found the spectacular effects of black seed oil on weight loss. The women were divided into two groups and were observed for three months. All received the same nutritional advice and were made to reduce their dietary intake by 500 calories.

Both groups are also prepared for yogurt twice a day. But the experimental group gave the yogurt three grams of black seed, while the group was not given the officer.

At the end of the study, the woman who was given yogurt with cumin powder lost more weight and the body fat percentage dropped nearly three times the amount lost by the other group. In addition, they also have lower levels of bad cholesterol.

So that I can pass on to you to use black seed oil weight loss. Maybe useful and see you.