Tricks to Lose Weight Fast From Judo Fighter 200kg

By | September 27, 2018

tricks to lose weight fast

Tricks to lose weight fast this time came from a judo fighter who struggled to lose weight from 200kg to 50kg. maintaining their fitness once was normal for Guo Chengyan as he overcame competitors in the competitive judo match.

The sport in DNA was her family: her parents found her working in the sports sector in her hometown Fuchon in northeast China’s Liaoning province, paving the way for Gu to play competitive games like basketball and weightlifting as a child.

By the age of seven, she began to focus on judo, and within 10 years she reached the peak of her career in judo – where she finished third in the 2008 county exams in the weight of 78 kg in the National Judo tournament.

But by the following year, at the age of 18, she was forced to retire from the competition, as the injuries were affected. She said in an interview: “It was very difficult.” “I have often been shot in my legs and feet and [upper body]… Sometimes I felt that my feet were falling from my body.”

Freed from the pressure of having to maintain their competitive edge, “I have practiced a lot, much less than before, I will say 80%,” she said.

During the next nine years “stayed at home” and doubled its weight: from its combat arm which is slightly over 100 kilograms (220 lbs) to approximately 200 kg.

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“People were going out of their cell phones and taking a picture of me when I was walking down the street,” she said. “They will tell me in the Malls “.

It was determined to reverse the deep increase in obesity and is now in a weight-loss program at a hospital in Changchun, Jilin Province, where it aims to reduce the weight of 50 kilograms and eventually weigh between 65 and 70 kilograms.

Thanks to the program, which combines traditional Chinese treatment twice a day with a specific diet and regular exercise, has lost nearly 30 kilograms since it began on July 4.

Although it was not used by a systematic weight loss program, Guo said it needed to take a drastic step to drop the extra belt, which not only threatened its physical health but also damaged its self-confidence.

“Because I look bad, I’ve always had a feeling of inferiority,” she said.

While a force on her way as a judo player, she attended a high school focusing on sports, known today as the Guangzhou Professional Sports Institute, in southern Guangdong province. A typical day at school, Northwest Hong Kong will consist of morning classes in Chinese language, mathematics, English, and the afternoon of judo training.

The background of her education included about a year of veterinary studies at Fushun Vocational School.

After completing these studies, she tried to launch her own pet shop, but the company failed because of her lack of experience, she said.

But she is self-conscious, never thought of trying to work for others.

She said, “I never dared to look for a job.”

Power is one of the many former athletes on the mainland who has struggled to find new ways after retirement.

After devoting most of their time to training from an early age, their lack of education and skills is often left at a disadvantage in the labor market once their competitive days have expired.

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The mainland’s major athletes production system was put into the spotlight when Zhang Shanguo, a former world gymnast, was pleading at Beijing subway stations in 2011 after being released from prison for four years for robbery. He was 28 years old at the time.

Another example is the marathon runner, Gu Ping, who won a silver medal at an international marathon in Japan in 1998, but later suffered a serious distortion on her feet due to unconventional training methods. It has appeared in mainland newspapers several times over the past decade as its disease prevented it from finding work and bringing it into financial difficulty.

In a directive to encourage sports participation at the grassroots level in 2014, the Chinese government has pledged to support retired athletes to help them start new jobs.

In response, some local governments began organizing job fairs for retired athletes, and a number of non-governmental organizations launched vocational training programmes for athletes and women.

Nearly 200 former athletes have applied for more than 300 jobs in a modern job fair in southwest Sichuan Province, jointly shared by the regional Government, relevant organizations and companies, according to official media.

However, such events were of little use in power, whose career opportunities are linked to a sport that is not receiving much attention from the public in China, and unable to attend job interviews because of low self-esteem.

She felt that she could not progress personally or professionally so that she could return to a healthy weight, partly because of the stigma associated with being a woman of weight.

She said her condition has brought her more pain than help over the years.

“Taxi drivers refuse to take me, and there’s a lot of inconveniences when I need to bathe in the public bath,” she said. “I wasn’t a little bit when I was little, but I wasn’t too much [until recently]”.

In an effort to reduce the amount of food you eat and lose weight, she avoids eating the food provided by her hospital.

She said: “It was very difficult for me to exercise the enemy for a long time on the jogging machine, so I think I should compensate it by taking as little as possible.” She said that the Doctor who monitors the blood glucose level has not seen any adverse effects from this potentially dangerous step so far.

Guo said finding a job after achieving her weight loss goal will help her rebuild her self-esteem.

“It’s good enough to get a job “, she said. “Any job will help change me.”



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