How To Choose The Best Thyroid Supplements For Weight Loss

By | November 5, 2018

thyroid supplements for weight loss

Thyroid supplements for weight loss, how to choose the best? If you are one of them, finding the right nutritional supplements to support the thyroid can be a challenge. The problem is not the lack of products, but quite the opposite. If you are looking for thyroid supplements, you with dozens of companies that market all kinds of pills and potions that say they help the thyroid. In this sea of brands, options, promises, and affirmations, how to know what to choose?

Check the Nutrition Label

Always read the ingredients. As with food, the law requires that supplements have a nutrition label; that is the first thing you should review. The “Supplement Data” section indicates the serving size and active ingredients. The active ingredients are the components that provide the greatest benefits. The inactive ingredients in “other components”.

The fact that the label says “others” or “inactive” does not mean that those ingredients. Liquid supplements often contain water and pills can list the capsule’s cover. Other “other ingredients” are not so inert. Some potentially unhealthy additives include fillers, binders, chemical dyes, and artificial flavors. In general, terms, the fewer ingredients there are in “other ingredients”, the better. Some supplements have dozens of them. Every time I see more than three, I approach cautiously.

The Wrong Types of Supplements

I recommend natural supplements … when they are truly natural. Unfortunately, the term “natural” is little more than a marketing buzzword and too often. There is no real legal definition for this term and its use. The makers of questionable supplements use it for anything. Does the product come from 1% of plants and is 99% synthetic? Let us call it “natural”! Does the product contain binders or toxic colorants? It does not matter; it is still 100% natural, right? Not quite.

Doing your own research, beyond advertising, is important. Before trusting in a product, you must trust the company that produces it. Are they transparent? Do they make their identity known? What is your reputation? Have other people contributed comments or testimonials about their experience as clients? Are they positive comments? In the absence of reviews or comments that sound false, I would sound my alarm.

Synthetic Supplements

thyroid supplements for weight loss reviews

I do not recommend synthetic supplements. Synthetic supplements usually offer a particular isolated nutrient. While this seems desirable from the purity point of view, the nutrients do not act alone.

The nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables, for example, coexist with transporters, cofactors, and enzymes that make the nutrient in question more usable for the body. Synthetic supplements produced in the laboratory do not offer these important additional components.

In addition, ultra-concentrated compounds can produce unintended consequences. The green tea extract, on the other hand, may not be good for the liver.

Thyroid Extract

thyroid pills for weight loss

The dried thyroid extract is a common treatment to support the balance of thyroid hormone. Although it was most popular between the late 1800s and the 1960s, it today, especially for people whose thyroid has been removed. Despite being invaluable, it from animal glands and may be a concern for vegans or people who try to avoid products of animal origin.

Thyroid extract is available only by prescription and probably only if you consult a physical health professional who specializes in thyroid problems. Most conventional doctors recommend thyroid hormone synthetically produced in accordance with industry guidelines.

The Right Type of Supplements

“Natural” may be a term used in excess to sell, but it can also be a valid claim. The best way to ensure that your supplements are truly “natural” is to buy supplements produced from organic or wild harvest ingredients. Unlike “natural,” the USDA regulates the term “organic” and organic products go through rigorous standard controls. Organic herbs with natural methods, without transgenic or chemical pesticides or fertilizers, not allowed.

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Wild harvest herbs in the wild, without any human intervention and are carefully harvested. It is, without a doubt, the most natural method of cultivation; but wild harvest herbs as organic.

Beyond these parameters, what should you look for in a supplement for the health of the thyroid?


Iodine is perhaps the most important nutrient for the health of the thyroid. It is a basic building block of the thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Without iodine, the thyroid cannot produce the hormones that regulate growth, development, and metabolism. Iodine deficiency can lead to developmental problems, including irreversible physical and mental deterioration, especially in children. The lack of iodine is also a cause of goiter (significant enlargement of the thyroid) and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

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Iodine is so important to human health that in many countries, including the United States, it too table salt. Although the intention may be good, I do not recommend depending on table salt. Table salt itself presents a number of health problems and, in any case, the high sodium content in most foods is not iodized table salt. I recommend using salt from the Himalayas, due to its purity and mineral content. In terms of an iodine supplement, I believe that nascent iodine suspended in a vegetable glycerin base is the best option.


thyroid supplements for fat loss

Selenium is a micronutrient that is almost as important as iodine for normal thyroid function. In fact, iodine cannot do its job without selenium; Selenium helps convert T4 into the most potent T3. [Selenium deficiency can cause goiter and destruction of the thyroid. If you are not getting selenium in your diet, a selenium supplement can help fill the gap between your nutritional intake and nutritional requirements. In my opinion, the best selenium supplements are those obtained from food, not synthetically produced in a laboratory.

B12 vitamin

best thyroid pills for weight loss

Vitamin B-12 is crucial for human health and performs several important functions in the body, including supporting the health of the thyroid. This relationship, but B-12 deficiency is unusually common among people with a slow thyroid. One study found that vitamin B-12 supplements helped a faster recovery for people with a deficiency of vitamin B-12, and for people without deficiency. I hope that more research will further clarify this relationship.


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Unlike iodine and selenium, which are vital nutrients that the thyroid requires to produce hormones, turmeric helps calm the thyroid and helps maintain its general state. Why do you need to calm your thyroid? In addition, studies have found that turmeric supplements are associated with a lower risk of developing the goiter. In some studies, one of the active ingredients in turmeric, curcumin, to inhibit the growth of cancer thyroid cells.

Adequate Dosage of Thyroid Supplements

More is not always better. The thyroid needs enough iodine and selenium, but it does not need too much. In fact, the excess can be as dangerous as its lack. It is best to follow the recommended guidelines and consume only what you need. Consult with your health professional or nutritionist to determine the best plan for your individual needs.

Who Needs Thyroid Supplements?

Fundamentally, organic foods are the best way to get the nutrients your body needs. However, if your diet, if you live in a region with soil depleted of nutrients or if you suffer from certain medical conditions that affect your ability to absorb nutrients, nutritional supplements can be very valuable. Iodine, selenium and other nutrients are important, not only for the thyroid but for the human body in general. If your thyroid is slow and this is due to poor nutrition, look for a supplementary source of quality.

Global Healing Center offers not one, but three supplements to support the health of the thyroid, all available in a practical kit. The Thyroid Health Kit Kit ™ is the set of our best thyroid support supplements: nascent iodine, selenium and vitamin B-12. Turmeric is offered as an optional addition, as is our high-quality ginseng blend. We have received incredible comments and believe that this is the best collection of nutrients to support the normal health of the thyroid.