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By | November 1, 2018

red light therapy weight loss

Red light therapy weight loss is a low-level laser therapy that to stimulate certain biological processes under the skin, including regeneration, repair, and blood flow.

In America and Europe, this type of therapy has many names, including photostimulation, photonic stimulation, and low-intensity phototherapy. In India and other parts of Asia, this procedure is known as Colorpuncture and focuses a narrow beam of red light to mimic the insertion of an acupuncture at specific points. While there are some minor safety concerns for people with specific health conditions,

How does red light therapy work?

red light therapy weight loss before and after

When a red LED light with a wavelength between 620nm and 800nm shines on the skin, it penetrates up to about 10 millimeters. Unlike the more dangerous ultraviolet radiation that can cause sunburn and increase the risk of cancer, red light therapy does not have those harmful side effects. In fact, it an effective means to increase collagen production, reduce inflammation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

This process does not generate heat and does not damage healthy cells; instead, it has a positive effect on the nervous system, metabolism, and regenerative processes. Depending on the area of your body exposed to light, as well as the desired effects, a session can last between 10 and 45 minutes and once a week for up to three months.

Red light therapy vs. Blue light therapy

The main difference between these two light therapies is their desired effect and the wavelength of light used. Blue light therapy does not penetrate. Sun damage, acne, and psoriasis are some of the conditions for which blue light therapy.

Where to go and how to use the benefits of red light therapy?

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Many conventional doctors believe that red light therapies are still alternative treatments, since more research to prove their effectiveness and the results can sometimes vary. Currently, most health insurance company’s claim that the benefits of red light therapy are an “experimental treatment,” so many do not provide insurance coverage.

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Depending on the condition you are treating, you can talk with your dermatologist, oncologist, orthopedist, rheumatologist or neurologist about treatment options. Your primary care doctor, or a chiropractor, can give you a referral.

The benefits

  • – It does not produce bruises.
  • – Firmer, stronger, smoother skin without the dangers associated with surgery.
  • – Effectively eliminates excess fat.

Side effects of the benefits of red light therapy

There are very few side effects of this therapy, although some people report the following:

  • Swelling
  • Dizziness
  • Burning sensations
  • Nausea

You may want to reduce your time in the light and tell the therapist how you feel. In addition, if you have an autoimmune disease, cancer or are pregnant, it is best to avoid using this light-based therapy. It is a procedure performed with non-invasive laser equipment for fat reduction, which uses a soft 650 nm laser to destroy deep fat cells.

First, the pores are formed in the cells allowing the elimination of acids, water, glycerol and fatty acids that move in the interstitial space beneath the fat layer in the skin, therefore, the size of the cells adiposities is reduced.

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The lymphatic system then removes the fat through natural pathways; the treatments are effective for use in all areas of the body

The standard protocol is two weekly, 30 minutes for four to five weeks.

Who are candidates for treatment?

In reality, there is no ideal candidate. It that liposuction is effective in all body types.

What happens after each treatment?

You can resume your normal activities immediately because the liposuction is completely non-invasive.

Can laser biolysis undo the abdomen obtained by having a baby?

Yes. It is perfect for the goals of areas with stubborn fat, like the lower abdomen after having a baby. Laser biolysis works the same in men as in women. Men usually have the most success in the chin, chest and upper and lower abs.

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