Best Organic Weight Loss Shakes Recipes

By | November 4, 2018

organic weight loss shakes

Organic weight loss shakes, smoothies or green smoothies are super easy to make, they provide many benefits, energy, and health. They are ideal to lose weight and lose weight naturally. My favorite is the benefits of anti-aging and they are very rich in nutrients. Here you will find the best 10 tips for making healthy green smoothies.

You can use your blender to make a smoothie every morning that you can have during breakfast and during the day. I like to have a healthy smoothie in the morning, after a great lunch of my choice, I drink something more of the smoothie between lunch and dinner and I enjoy a modest dinner.

Naturally, you can make your combination according to your needs to lose weight and I assure you that soon you will have your ideal weight to do this.

If you are not following a program or proper diet, stop that epidemic of going for diet pills and so many alleged easy diets that are on the market.

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Unless there are medical reasons (such as hypothyroidism problems, which slows down the metabolism), there is no reason you cannot lose weight if you follow certain simple rules for a healthy life. Here are tips to make the best fruit and vegetable smoothies that will improve your life and lose those extra pounds that are in your body.

organic weight loss meal replacement shakes

10 Tips

  1. Use one or two fresh or frozen fruits as natural sweeteners. Bananas, sweet ripe mangoes, pineapple, kiwi, pear, berries. The options are endless.
  2. Cucumbers, a little honey, watermelon large portion for its high content of extra water.
  3. Add half a carrot or half stalk celery one way to add some additional vegetables. On other occasions experiment with other vegetables.
  4. Add the ice and/or water to make you are liquefied the amount you want. You can leave it soft or thick according to your taste.
  5. Choose a green leaf-like spinach or lettuce, or parsley and coriander. The herbs have great detoxifying properties so do not forget them. Turn your green aggregates and do different tests. Always add a green leaf of your choice to start with a smaller amount if you are new to making smoothies.
  6. You can add cranberry, orange or pineapple to sweeten the juices that you like the most. Please, make sure you do not add too much since you get a natural sweetness of the fruits that have already been added.
  7. Adding a tablespoon of hemp powder is a great way to get some extra natural protein. The seeds of hemp or powder are a complete protein, they have essential fatty acids (AGE), are high in fiber and rich in minerals such as iron and magnesium.
  8. Try to buy organic products whenever possible. These contain fewer chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides for your smoothie or smoothie.
  9. I suggest you invest in a large blender, with a powerful mixer.
  10. Have fun creating your combinations. Use leftover vegetables and any fruit you have on hand, be creative.