Best Natural Weight Loss Drinks That Really Work

By | November 5, 2018

natural weight loss drinks

Natural weight loss drinks, although I do not recommend fast diets a lot, I understand that many times you need to see results right away so that you stay motivated and can move forward with your healthier eating plan. That is why I have decided to show you an effective diet of juices to lose weight quickly that will also help you change your palate and not want so many fatty foods, sweets, and fast foods.

This will mean that after seven days of following this program, you will be able to maintain your weight achieved forever and you will never gain weight again. Because I assure you that, you will change your eating habits and want to make healthier and nutrient-rich foods so that they benefit your body. Then I will show you how to make the diet of juices to lose weight quickly.

The natural juices to lose weight are an excellent way to start with the diet plan and walk towards a healthier life. In addition, to make you lose weight will help you eliminate all kinds of snacks for meals full of empty calories. In addition, the juices of fresh vegetables and fruits will contribute a great contribution of vitamins and essential nutrients for your body.

This diet plan lasts seven days is a very fast way to lose weight and at the same time keep the body healthy.

natural weight loss drinks to make at home

However, the more than seven days. The steps to follow are these:

1.  Perform physical exercise every day.

2.  It that you take the freshly prepared juices. However, in case you want to prepare it in advance, you should add a little juice of half a lemon to make it as a preservative and keep it tightly closed in the refrigerator, but remember that you should not let more than eight hours go by.

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3. Drink a juice only when you really hunger. For this, you must learn to distinguish real hunger from anxiety, sadness, boredom or other sensations that can lead you to eat on impulse and not out of necessity. If maybe you are hungry between main meals, drink a juice.

4. The diet plan that you have to follow is:

  • – For breakfast: take a glass of vegetable or fruit juice.
  • – For lunch: eat a plate of avocado salad, wiki, and banana. Alternatively, you can also drink fruit juice, for this I recommend that you prepare a different one every day so you do not get bored.
  • – For dinner: a portion of brown rice cooked with vegetables. Another option is a plate of carrot, tomato and lettuce salad, and a serving of fish.

5.  After seven days of the diet to lose weight, do not start eating like crazy. You have to progressively include some foods, but let them be healthy: soups with vegetables, steamed vegetables, skimmed yogurt, smoothies prepared with milk, among others.


Immediately I will give you recipes of juices so you can take an example and so you can do the ones that please you the most.

* Green juice: in your blender process a medium cucumber, four sticks of celery, six cabbage leaves, two green apples, half a lemon and a teaspoon of ginger.

* Juice energize: liquefy two carrots, one beet, four leaves of spinach, two small oranges and a little ginger.

* Sweet juice: this serves as a dessert, for this you must place in your blender two red apples, three peaches, and three sweet potatoes without skin.

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As you can see, the options to make juices to lose weight with this diet are several, since you simply have to use vegetables and fruits and combine them according to your taste. That is, no sugar or alcohol. Remember that the ideal to lose weight is to find the balance with a healthy diet and a positive mentality.