Many Amazing Benefits in Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss

By | October 4, 2017

red light therapy weight loss

Red light therapy weight loss, this past week I was busy pouring on the research conducted on the red light treatment of weight loss. I plan to put it all together for you in a logical, documented and comprehensive way, however, and I now moved to tell you simply what I have learned so far because I think it’s all you really need to know.

First of all, red light therapy for weight loss is legit. Discovered in 1998 when the liposuction physician treated the red light of his patient before the procedure. The doctor knew that the red light helps reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and speed recovery back in other areas of medicine, so he wanted to see if he could bring all those benefits to his patient as well.

During liposuction, she said that many of the benefits that can be obtained as well as in eliminating fat a lot easier. The search in this discovered that the red light actually causes the fatty cells to dump their contents. After 8 minutes of exposure to the red light, almost 100% of the fat cells were empty.

So then the “Tor Laser-assisted liposuction” became something, and it’s still nothing. But if the fat cells simply dump their contents after exposure to red light, is liposuction even necessary? Other research proved not.

The red light alone causes fatty cells to release their contents. Your body after that takes care of it. The what? That was my big question. Weight loss is measured, in general, in inches. Waist, hips, and thighs combined, but still, measured in inches. Where does all that fat go?
I’m so googled, just like you probably will.

Benefits Red Light Therapy Weight Loss Reviews

red light weight loss

That’s the answer I got. Through pure and what I’m sure someone is a simple biochemistry, fats are converted to carbon dioxide and water. Mostly carbon dioxide. So, most of the fat is literally being breathed out, and most of the rest is bone. I know it sounds crazy, but chemistry is a fairly well-established science.

And now. What kind of light did they use? Is it magic? First studies used low-energy lasers. Really low power for laser-10 MW. As capacity density is well located in the capacity of lamps, recent research with lamps has been conducted. The same results.

Bottom line-The red light treatment for weight loss does not need to be done with lasers. The lamps of the same color and energy intensity do exactly the same thing. Does it have to be exactly the same force? All of it. Some people may try to sell you on power. To Zerthem more powerful, and thus more effective, they say.

Well, that makes sense to American valor, but it’s simply not the truth. It was clear from the original search that the power is not the thing. Laser no, “blast holes” in the cells because the laser is super strong. It was only 10 MW. Not the laser that does anything. It’s a light coming out of the laser. Specifically, it’s a red light coming out of the laser. The red light will come out of any light source doing the same thing, if the strength, wavelength, and timely treatment are the same.

photonic red light therapy for weight loss

What about wavelength? Use original search 635 nm. Is that magic? Other research number used 635-6. This is almost the entire spectrum of visible red light. This makes sense because the red light treatment as a whole is not a specific wavelength. What does that mean for you? This means you do not need exactly 635 NM red light for this work. I imagine the price of 635 nm red light is going to go through the ceiling (I haven’t gotten as far as product research yet), but not necessary.

If 660 nm red light is more affordable for you, you can be confident that they will do the same thing. So it will 630 nm and 650 nm-discard wavelengths, focus on color. Red light is what you need. While you’re out there doing your research and you will read things that say, “Yes but only after 2 weeks or so, they start getting weight again.”

Does this mean that the weight didn’t disappear in the first place? Of course, if you don’t make any changes to the lifestyle that led you to get overweight, you will gradually keep gaining excess weight. I read one thing said, your body shape is genetically determined, and over time your body will redistribute its fat stored in the same format.

Even a miracle does not actually meet after a period of time. However, a miracle has proved over and over again to happen, so that it’s not a miracle, it’s science. The red light treatment for weight loss is science. Junk food to gain weight is science. Align this two science together, and you can see some serious, positive and lasting results.

red light therapy weight loss reviews

I love this because it will give some hope to people who are obese and who have literally tried everything and just can’t seem to lose weight. For people who are dedicated to improving their health by losing weight and just need a kind of help-this will be a miracle for them. The question is, does it have to cost thousands of dollars?

This is a red light treatment. In the market for over a decade, FDA has agreed to get an increasing list of other things already. Easy to buy, easy to use, completely safe (devices approved by FDA, at least), but most of all at affordable prices. I understand what you want for sure need a lot of guidance in more detail what to buy and how to use it. In the meantime, we know that the red light treatment for weight loss is a reality.

red light therapy and weight loss

I think quite a few articles this time of red light therapy weight loss. Hopefully, this information can be useful for you. Thanks to meet again in the next topic.