Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery You Need To Know

By | March 2, 2018

least invasive weight loss surgery

Least invasive weight loss surgery or also known as gastric banding surgery is believed to be the least invasive weight loss surgeon. The laparoscopy process is characterized by the placing of silicon ring at the top of the gastrointestinal tract. So, when a silicone seal is squeezed, only the stomach is able to digest a small fraction of the foods. So, you can handle the ideal weight.

The Advantages of Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

Medical research at Stanford University in California, which involved more than 150,000 patients, reported that gastric banding surgery caused fewer complications than open surgery. This study indicates that the excess of the stomach is markedly safer. Since this procedure is not as complex as open surgery, patients can save more money to pay bills.

Gastric dwarfism only cut off a bit of the stomach, so the risk of getting sick or complications during and after surgery can be minimized. Patients won’t suffer much pain from surgical wounds. This small wound will heal quickly and patients can return to their usual activities immediately.

Gastric banding surgery criteria

Everyone, in fact, is qualified to perform the gastric banding process. However, there are a few special cases in which doctors refer to gastric bypass for patients with no hesitation. Include:

  • Patients with BMI from 35 have other related problems such as diabetes.
  • Patients with BMI of 40 or more and with the main disease.

Gastric Banding Side Effects

Although they are less invasive weight loss surgeries, they do not mean they are free of side effects. Patients may feel nauseous and be vomiting after the operation. Symptoms can be mitigated by adjusting the narrow silicone band. Bleeding and minor illnesses may occur for gastric bypass patients, but the probability of less than 10% for them to occur.

Kinds of gastric banding Operation

Surgeons will put the silicon band around the intestines. Then they are going to fix the upper part of the gut that doesn’t shrink by the ring to the little bag.


Surgeons will cut more than half your belly. This process can be less invasive or an open process.

Although gastric weight reduction surgery is relatively safe, it is considered to be the surgery of lower weight loss surgery, you still have advice from your physicians on the process and its consequences on your wellbeing.

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