How To Using Ice Packs For Weight Loss

By | November 9, 2018

ice packs for weight loss

Ice packs for weight loss, for people who have tried everything to lose weight without getting results, it sure helps that they know they can try to lose weight using ice packs. This alternative consists of a therapy that removes fat cells from the abdomen and makes it easier to burn. It alone, but you should also exercise since it will be a more effective technique.

How the treatment works

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The use of ice pockets to lose weight works as a thermogenesis, or what is the same, generates heat in the body. When exposed to cold temperatures the body starts a calorie burn when trying to return to our normal body temperature.

Through thermogenesis, we get to lose weight. The case is that there is a moderate thermogenesis that cannot be done with ice packs since it consists of exposing the body to about 10 degrees and then to 15 degrees centigrade for one hour. It by ice because it carries the body to lower temperatures.

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The one that with ice and that is also more effective, although also more suffering is intense thermogenesis. To perform this technique, ice packs in localized parts of fats. The first few times you may even get tremors, but in return, we are burning many calories. As exposures to ice increase. The maximum recommended exposure time is one hour.

ice packs help weight loss

It is important to clarify that the ice directly on the skin, but rather a towel to support the ice cubes and contact material with our body. The therapy for 12 consecutive days and it is advisable that each session be between 30 and 60 minutes.

In short, ice-bag therapy works to lose weight, but it also does not promise to be easy to apply, since we have to endure the cold for a long time. It is also important to accompany this exercise technique.