How To Choose Products Weight Loss Stomach Wraps As a Diet Pill?

By | September 23, 2017

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Obesity and abdominal fat increases the risk of many chronic diseases including heart disease and certain types of cancer. Companies that sell products weight loss stomach wraps, such as diet pills and stomach dehydration, often claim their products will burn belly fat quickly and with the least possible effort on the part of the consumer.

These allegations are misleading because many weight loss products are not effective or even safe. The best bet for losing belly fat is a combination of diet and exercise.


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Advertisements for weight loss products in the stomach claim that by wearing the neoprene band around your waist, you can trim your waist in the relatively fast amount of time-in a single-product certificate wrap the abdomen, a man named lost six pant sizes after wearing a wrap for just eight weeks. The sellers of the belly wrap claim these products work by “Raising the body’s core temperature,” causing you to lose weight through sweat.


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The truth about the stomach wraps is that although these products may enhance sweating, the weight loss of water is not the same as fat burning. Moreover, the stomach may actually wrap the hard tone of the abdominal muscles and lose fat.

According to Pete McCall, a spokesman for the American Council on aerobics, wearing a warm wrap around your middle section causes abdominal muscles to relax, so they burn fewer calories than they did without wrapping. Moreover, the stomach may also wrap the weight loss efforts by causing it to become hectic, thereby reducing your ability to work long enough and intensity to lose weight.


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In addition to being ineffective in promoting weight loss, wearing belly wrap while practicing sports poses some health risks. Gary Hunter, a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nutrition, says that the body exports a lot of heat through the stomach area. Therefore, wearing a stomach wrap during exercise may cause the high temperature, dehydration, depending on the severity of the workout and temperature of the environment, can lead to sunstroke.

About Belly Fat

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Although wearing a stomach wrap will not help you burn belly fat, minimizing the amount of fat around your mission is important to your health. Compared to other types of fat on the body, belly fat is the most dangerous, as it produces fat cells in the abdominal area hormones that can adversely affect health. Having a lot of fat in the abdominal area is associated with a number of diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, hypertension, colon cancer, metabolic syndrome and gallbladder problems.

Loss of belly fat

The only safe and effective way to lose fat is by consuming fewer calories than you burn. You can achieve such a deficit in calories by dieting, exercise, or, to get the most benefits, combining both diet and exercise. Although you can’t “burn a spot” fat on any single area of the body, the fat in the abdominal area responds better to the practice of other types of fat, this means that once you start losing weight from aerobics, your belly is likely to be the first area to shrink. According to the Harvard Health Publications, the best type of exercise for fat loss in the stomach is daily, moderate physical activity such as jogging.

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