Green Juices For Weight Loss Can Damage The Kidneys?

By | February 6, 2019

Green Juices For Weight Loss Can Damage The Kidneys

From juices to clean the colon, green juice, smoothies to lose weight, green shakes to reduce inflammation of the abdomen or green smoothies to lose weight fast, Detox plans, and more.

Whatever is green and combines the fact of losing weight seems to be the promotional move for those who wait for the miracle of losing weight. All this is the product of misinformation and business, of course. In addition, in times of discount to get to summer, fashion is installed. However, attention, it is dangerous.

Different professionals and doctors warn of the danger of continuing fashion and ensure that this type of plan can damage some organs, such as the kidneys and liver. In appearance, they are not bad products, since they consist of fruits and/or vegetables combined, crushed and served in shakes more or less liquefied. However, its structure and its preparation make them very counterproductive compared to the traditional alternative of fruit and vegetables in the pure and hard salad, ingested based on chewing.

At the end of September, the singer Alejandro Sanz revealed to his followers that he had started a detox diet for a period of three weeks. It consisted of ingesting protein and combining it with green vegetable juices combined with other fruit juices. The Spanish singer climbed into fashion and looking for a renewed image tried to lose weight that way. In addition, as often happens, his followers and others who read the news imitated his plan without consulting a health professional.

On the third day of the regime, the interpreter acknowledged that he was hungry. The confession was made on his Twitter account. “Day 1, I’m hungry, day 2, I’m dying of hunger, day 3, I do not feel my legs, I’ll tell you more tomorrow,” the musician wrote. The nutritionist Griselda Herrero Martín responded with humor and advice. “Dear Alejandro, maybe your heart is broken but the liver and kidneys are not.”

The news was there. The singer closed the topic with humor admitting that he would eat a sandwich and added that he has a medical team to take care of his weight. Obviously, I had it because it looks thinner and slender. In a resurgence of this trend, advertisements on social networks abound with promises of weight loss by combining juices of lettuce, cucumber, and tropical fruits.

BigBang consulted about this new way of losing weight to the doctor Marcelo Suárez, the specialist in Healthy Behaviors. “If we understand as juices or Detox shakes to the mixture and processed of certain vegetables and fruits to obtain a liquid to drink and detoxify the organism, we are talking about the same thing … Now, if we ask if they serve, the quick answer is no”, he maintained.

According to Suárez, one of the keys by which juices lose nutritional power is precisely the lack of food structure when processed. “The quick answer is no, because it destroys a very nutritious food such as fruit or vegetable altering the fiber they contain, and this is a fundamental component to keep our microbiota (colon bacteria) fed, sustain a good evacuation frequency and a good volume and consistency of fecal matter, in fact, many times produce diarrhea, which further worsens the situation and maintain stable release of insulin (very important substance for our hormonal balance).

On the other hand, it does not provide protein or fat (essential macronutrients), and a not lesser fact, the abuse of certain fruits, especially grapefruit, may increase the risk of raising or decreasing the effect of certain medications (statins, antibiotics, antiarrhythmics). ) “, developed the specialist.

On the other hand, Suarez said that as for the detoxifying characteristic, the organism has the intestine, the liver and the kidney to do that work. In addition, if the organism is well taken care of it makes it perfect. “Therefore, what you have to do is avoid getting intoxicated by applying healthy behaviors on a daily basis, that way we would not have to resort to any of this, since they are fads (seductive, by the way), that distract us from the true path, which is to comply with a healthy diet, exercise, rest, meditate, hydrate and maintain positive thoughts, “he concluded.