Cold Laser Therapy Weight Loss Work To Reduce Fat?

By | November 8, 2018

cold laser therapy weight loss

Cold laser therapy weight loss, each year, more promising options for fat removal appear. If you are looking for a quick solution, these treatments promise to suck burn or freeze the fat off your body in an instant. In addition, everything sounds good: at least in theory.

The latest high-tech weight loss tool to lose fat accumulations in the rebel zone is the Zerona (an evolution of Cellulose).

According to the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration of the United States), the application of the laser liquefies the fat cells. The so-called “cold laser” or low-level laser is used, this means that it only acts on the outermost layers and does not burn, and so the patient does not feel any pain. When the fat cells, the organism itself eliminates them naturally (with urine, sweat …), which leads to the loss of fat and weight.

Plastic surgeons apply the Zerona laser on the fat of the waist, hips, and thighs (neck, face, and arms are not approved) for 40 minutes per session. It a minimum of three times per week for at least two weeks to see the results. In addition, patients should not let more than 72 hours pass between sessions, or fat cells may begin to “refill.”

Similar to cryolipolysis (or cool sculpting), the Zerona laser is designed to reduce the contour of the body, which means that it will not help you if you do not have a minimum weight of 9 or 10 kilos. In addition, although the photos that before and after have been validated, researchers are not entirely convinced that lasers are effective in reducing fat.

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According to a study published in 2011 by the journal “Lasers in Surgery and Medicine”, after examining five patients undergoing six treatments over a period of two weeks, there were no significant reductions in their measurements. In fact, most only lost one centimeter of contour. In addition, through ultrasound, they found that no patient had lost a significant amount of fat.

However, in 2012, another study with 689 people who lost an average of 12 centimeters of contour after undergoing the same treatment of the previous study for two weeks. Of course, many patients ended up gaining weight again.

If you are interested in a procedure like this, it is better that you turn to a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist to assess your case. In addition, you must take into account the price. According to the Real Self online plastic surgery community, the average price of six sessions is around 1,300 Euros.

Seeing whom the ideal candidate for the Zerona is depended on the weight, the way of life and the characteristics of the skin. Patients, who are overweight, do not maintain a healthy lifestyle and have flaccid skin will not see the desired results. In addition, that could mean trying to lose weight to the old school: diet + exercise.