Black Seed Oil Weight Loss Dosage Can Go Down in 20 Days

By | September 11, 2018

black seed oil weight loss dosage

Black seed oil weight loss dosage in A new study finds that a type of spice, i.e. seed or habbatussauda, it can help to lose weight. In this study, the researchers divided the research participants that everything is made up of women into two groups.

The researchers then asked the first group of research participants to consume three grams of seed together into yogurt for lunch and dinner.

Meanwhile, participants in the research group of the two walls are required to consume the only yogurt.

In addition, the researchers also asked all participants of research 88 such person to consume low-calorie diet and nutrition counseling do for three months.

At the end of the study black seed oil weight loss, both groups of participants in this study were both experiencing weight loss, in which groups that consume seed experience weight loss of about 2.7 kg more compared with the second group of participants.

The first group of participants in this study experienced a decrease in body mass index, a decline in the size of the larger waist circumference, body fat mass loss, and decreased cholesterol levels to a greater compared with the second group who do not consume it.

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In addition can help lower blood cholesterol levels, the seed is suspected can also help control blood sugar levels and AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which are very instrumental in the onset of diabetes.

AGEs is a poison that is usually found in baked goods.

AGEs can be triggered by stress and oxidative damage to cells and accelerate the aging process in the body.

Habbatussauda is also known by various names, among them black seed, black caraway, nature, nigella sativa, kaluduru, etc.

Is used as an herbal medicine since 2000-3000 years b.c. and is recorded in the ancient literature concerning many experts earlier treatment such as Ibnu Sina (980 – 1037 M), dan Al-Biruni (973-1048 M), Al-Antiki, Ibnu Qayyim dan Al-Baghdadi.

Ibn Sina was a genius researcher from the Middle East in the field of medicine whose name was recorded in all the history books treatment of both East and West, living between 980-1037 M, have been researching the various benefits Habbatussauda for health and treatment.

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Expert treatment of ancient Greece, Dioscoredes, in the first century Masehi. have also noted benefits habbatussauda to treat headaches and respiratory tract.

How to make:

Soak 2 tablespoons seed in water and leave it overnight and then boil the seeds in the morning. Strain to remove the seeds and squeeze half-cut lemon to mix to be more fresh. Drinking on an empty stomach every morning for 2 weeks to lose weight quickly.