How To Get The Best Protein Shakes For Weight Loss Is Safe Also Easy

best protein shakes for weight loss

On this occasion I will give you an interesting information in the form of the best protein shakes for weight loss. This is certainly related to weight issues are often disruptive, and may result in serious health problems.

Many people consider low-carb diet is the only way to lose weight and reach your ideal body. Further, they contended that the only source of protein calories and fat, said Dr. Laura j. Kruskall, Director of nutritional sciences at the University of Nevada. But, did you know protein can burn more calories than vegetables and fruits?

Protein is not the same as other foods. The main source of protein such as fish, meat, milk, and nuts are not processed by the body as quickly as a source of carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. If there are multiple sources of protein are quickly digested by the body, usually the fried foods and unhealthy.

A study at John Hopkins Unervisity shows the results astonishing. 60% of the calories lost, 10 – 15% of the recommended – comes from a source of protein without the fat that can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The research also found that a diet rich in protein may help prevent obesity, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

best protein shakes for weight loss recipes

Then, how proteins can lose weight? Here are a few reasons that may make you add protein to your diet on the list.

Proteins burn more calories

Protein takes longer to digest and are processed by the body. Therefore, the body will burn more calories while you process them. Protein also makes you ‘ quite satisfyingly ‘ in quite a long time, so you will not lose energy quickly.

When you add a 30% protein in the diet is done, you simply consume 450 calories per day and in 12 weeks with no other diet You can lose weight by as much as 5 kg. Certainly the results are pretty amazing!

Protein decrease appetite

Protein can reduce hunger and appetite in many ways. When you add the amount of protein in your diet, you will automatically reduce the amount of caloric intake. You no longer need to calculate how many calories there are in your food. A high protein diet is not only beneficial to metabolism, but also reduces the appetite so it will be easier to reduce your intake of calories that get into the body.

Protein prevent hungry at night

Hungry in the evening is the enemy for everyone because it can interfere with the path to an ideal body. Eating at night can add more calories than eating during the day because the body is not too active at night. In a study of teenagers found that high-protein breakfast is proven to prevent hungry at night.

Muscle repair and protein metabolism

When the weight comes down, muscles also fell, declining any body metabolism. Exercising regularly helps you get the back muscles and metabolism ever stay awake. Consume foods high in protein after exercise is highly recommended because the muscles will absorb the nutrients and is used to improve muscle lost due to diet. Without protein and exercise, you may look thin instead of lean and fit.

Protein helps lose weight

By adding 30% of your caloric intake, you can lose weight by as much as 5 kg within 12 weeks. Those results are purely just by consuming protein diet without the other. Many people who are successful with his diet to complain when their weight back, whereas a diet high in protein is proven to prevent weight regain.

How to increase your protein intake?

Increase your protein intake is very easy, high protein food consumption is below:

-Meat: chicken, beef, etc.
-Boiled eggs is comparable to 6 grams of protein. Cook some eggs and put in the fridge, eat as a substitute for a snack when you need your intake of protein.
-Milk and cheese. One stem of cheese comparable to 8 grams of protein. You can memvariasi the consumption of cheese with Apple until feeding arrives.
To lose weight and get the body ideal, very precisely because the protein is rich in nutrients. However, consuming protein alone will not help you get an ideal body without other businesses such as, exercise regularly, maintain a balanced diet, and healthy living.

But, the added protein in your diet certainly is the right solution, besides being able to reduce your calorie intake and keep the body’s metabolism, you are spared from serious diseases.

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So all I can tell about the best protein shakes for weight loss. Hopefully can bring many benefits to your family. Thank you.