Best Protein Bar For Weight Loss: Advantages and disadvantages

By | November 8, 2018

best protein bar for weight loss

Best protein bar for weight loss, when it comes to eating healthy but still do not stop eating sweets or snacks that help us fight anxiety, hunger and keep our metabolism active without contributing to the formation of fat deposits. One of the first foods that come to mind for those afternoons are the protein bars.

Many food brands have produced theirs, the vast majority include fruits and almost all have a great publicity where it is clearly expressed that their carbohydrate content is 0% and often do not have sugar or fat.

It seems the food of the future, the solution that everyone seeks to ask the question can you eat without gaining weight? However, not all people have had good experiences with them and; if indeed they were so miraculous, they simply would not occupy the place they currently occupy in the food market. So are they authentic or are they a farce? The answer is: they are not perfect.

Why are protein bars not perfect?

We with this question and the most logical answer are because food companies are interested in continuing to have obese people; otherwise, who would buy their products?

best protein bars for weight loss reviews

The truth is that the protein bars have clear positive points and clear negative points; they are not perfect, but neither are they what negative publicity says about them. Otherwise, they would have been unavailable to the public for a long time. Therefore, we will analyze in depth what this food has to offer us and, of course; we will tell you how to do it better.

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The important thing now is to clarify if it is true that the protein bars so that we remain part of a consumerist circle.

The options are 3:

  • Are they thinking?
  • Are they fattening?
  • Do they not affect our organism but are they a placebo?

In order to answer these questions properly, the study we did was not limited to a single brand of protein bars, but to a large spectrum.

The same with the quantities, it is obvious that to put something really to approve the numbers must be exaggerated, or very large, or very small. So let us start with the negative or the clear disadvantages that these protein bars have.

Just a commercial tactic?

Many people confuse what is a protein bar with an energy or snack bar, and that is where the great publicists get the real market to sell their products. Sadly, there are many opinions divided in regards to the correct diet for people who exercise intensely and constantly and for people who lead an active or sedentary life.

Ignorance is the worst enemy of consumerism and is the best ally of publicists, so the best commercial tactic they get is to target those people who want to eat without gaining weight.

However, what do they really sell us?

The question correctly, the real question should be, what should they really sell us? In addition, it is that the characteristics of a real protein bar, it in the table of nutritional information of the same.

In addition, depending on the type of consumer you are, you should buy one or the other. But most of the time for which a person does not get the results they expected after including “protein bars” in their diet, it is because they are investing their money in a striking advertising and not a real food.

What is the difference between a real protein bar and a fake one?

As previously mentioned, everything in the nutritional table. A real protein bar aims to help the body recover after a hard workout.

As it does? Well, providing the body with two things that it needs to be able to recover:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates

The true protein bars are usually 50% protein, the rest among the carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats and other foods necessary for the muscles; so that they recover after an exercise session. Especially if you do not plan to eat anything else later.

Energy bars (sold as protein bars) generally contain 2.8% protein in a 20-gram bar. In addition, its presentation tends to be individual; in the way they get people to buy what they think is necessary to carry their day today.

While real protein bars, they usually come in 24-pack presentations; this in order to fit into what would be an exercise regime of 6 days a week, in which the person eats one a day after each session.

However, true protein bars have disadvantages

This is a detail that surprises many, but it would be irresponsible not to highlight it and is that the real protein bars still have their clear negative points. In fact, it that the negative behind the protein bar lies many times in the ingredients that the brands use to make them. Therefore, let us review what are the five most harmful ingredients that have protein bars and that use many of the most prestigious brands on the market.

Soy Protein – Soy Protein Isolate [SPI]

Unfortunately, it is one of the most commonly used protein sources in all popular bars in the current market, especially those that target women. The reason why it has become so popular is that they have made women believe that they will achieve a high content of is flavones, that is to say; a product derived directly from the soybean plant and with a high estrogenic activity.

Although it is true, the reality is that is flavones in protein bars can be toxic due to how soy is processed. It is a cheap product, and neither is it a high-quality protein; But if you want to obtain isoflavone naturally, then you can consume fermented and soy-based products such as tofu.

Palmist oil

Palm oil or palm kernel oil? Although their names are very similar, their nutritional characteristics differ by far. The oil that in most protein bars organically. In fact, the extraction process is so disgusting, that they even use hydrocarbons very similar to gasoline. Do not eat protein bars with this ingredient.

Corn Syrup (High Fructose)

Unfortunately, this product from natural corn, but from corn with GMO classification, that is to say; Genetically Modified Organism. The worst thing is that many regulations do not establish as mandatory that brands include in their nutritional table if the product they use or if their derivative comes from a genetically modified food. That is why the best option is always to buy organic (unprocessed) and clearly identified foods.

High fructose corn syrup to many diseases from type two diabetes to morbid obesity; it is in itself, one of the worst products you can eat.

Syrups – Sorbitol, Maltitol, Xylitol, Mannitol

More popularly known as sugar alcohols, are the ones that companies include in their bars to give them a sweet flavor. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to digest; although in small quantities it does not harm the organism, when you start consuming two-digit quantities (in grams) and on a regular basis, you condemn yourself to suffer from possible digestive problems such as ulcers or heartburn.

Any Artificial Sweetener

It is sad to think that a bar that is supposed to provide our body with what we need so much; include among its components something that our system will find difficult to metabolize. You may not want to exclude a protein bar just because it has refined sugar or an artificial sweetener, but the reality is that it deserves a place among the five worst ingredients.

However, not everything is bad; the bars do have clear advantages!

best protein bars for weight loss bodybuilding

Protein bars are an immediate boost of energy; their nutrients can give us all the energy that a protein shake or even a whole meal would have given us. They are also a perfect source to replace sweets.

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When you want to have a healthy, slender and even muscular body in a definite way, Sweets top the list of foods we should avoid. However, the flavors of protein bars vary from oatmeal, strawberry, brownie, raisins, and many more flavors.

It should be noted that they are not a substitute for what daily meals should be; but they do offer us everything we need at a certain time of our day with the ease of being very compact, delicious and economical for the number of benefits they bring.

How to consume protein bars?

The ideal time to feed ourselves with a protein bar is before or after starting an activity that will demand a lot of energy, effort or to get completely out of our routine.

The best protein bars that before exercises are those that are high in carbohydrates, while those that have high protein content are very useful for those times when we need to respond more efficiently and we need to be constantly active without the wear and tear of that activity diminishing our performance.

Obviously, with so many energy bars in the market that with ingredients that we should avoid, you may find it difficult to get an efficient alternative; but the solution to this is to make your own bars at home. That way you can have the certainty that you will have all the benefits without taking any risk.

Prepare your own protein bars at home No Baking!

Definitely, the reason why we buy protein bars is that of the practices that are now of giving us a taste that feeds us and that does not represent a step backward in our search for a healthy body. But sometimes they can represent an impact to our very important pocket, fortunately, there is a way to get them all their benefit, save us possible negative ingredients and at the same time invest much less money than we are used to, the solution is to make them at home! In addition, the recipe that we now share is one that does not require baking the bars, so you will not lose nutrients.


  • Semi-skimmed milk – 250 ml
  • Peanut butter – 340 gram
  • Instant oatmeal – 400 gram
  • Protein powder – 150 gram

Many people have conflicting opinions regarding protein powder; however, the recipe that we share has given such good results that you can be sure that the protein powder actually works. I recommend the vanilla flavor.

The procedure is so simple that it is easy to deduce. Pour the milk in a deep bowl and add the protein; Mix until both foods are integrated and then add the peanut butter.

Mixing peanut butter is a job that requires patience, but you must do it until the result is dough; now you can proceed to add the oatmeal, and at this point, you will not need to use the mixer, the remaining work will be with your hands.

Although you will not bake the mixture, you will need baking paper to place it on a large tray, preferably rectangular. There, spread the mixture so that it covers the entire shape of the tray and take it to the fridge for two or three hours.

Once it is cold, just take it out using the paper as an aid and cut with a knife the protein bars in portions of +/- 80 grams that you enjoy!