Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss Reviews

By | November 9, 2018

best meal replacement shakes for weight loss reviews

Best meal replacement shakes for weight loss reviews, are you already thinking about summer? Are you looking for the latest method to lose weight quickly? Have you considered replacing any of your meals with a substitute product? Have you ever taken these types of products? Today I talk about them!

What are they?

These are products in the form of bars and shakes among others and have been specifically prepared for weight loss. They usually appear in different flavors, the most typical being the chocolate and vanilla flavor.

There are plenty of brands, but those that more frequently in the supermarket are these substitutes of Midcentury and Bomana, here you have their labels. Let us analyze them!

Its first ingredient: sugar (remember that the ingredients in the labels appear from most to least presence in the product). Then add a little more sugar, pasta, and cocoa butter, sunflower oil and palm oil and a little more sugar in the form of glucose syrup. Adding and adding … 33% of the product is sugar!

They recommend you take two bars at each meal (lunch and dinner), which means a total of 21 grams of sugar, i.e. 5.25 lumps of sugar.

In addition, they plan a menu that looks great, with a juice (without specifying whether it is natural or sugary) for breakfast, a piece of fruit at mid-morning, four bars of these throughout the day and a yogurt skimmed. Take the opportunity to include Midcentury pancakes with and without flavors, as we saw a couple of weeks ago, healthy have absolutely nothing.

In total, you end up taking 21 + 21 = 41 grams (4 bars daily) which is equivalent to 10.25 lumps of sugar and if we add the 5 grams of sugar contained in each rice pancake with yogurt 2 rice pancakes with yogurt equals one total of 51 grams of sugar, equivalent to almost 12.75 lumps of sugar.

To that, you can add more sugar if you drink the juice, if you add sugar to coffee, if the sandwich is Bimbo bread, if you put jam, Ocilla or sweet ham (which takes sugar, by the way) and if to finish the Yogurt you take sweetened, flavored or fruity.


best meal replacement shakes for weight loss reviews uk

Its first ingredient is also sugar (how strange). Its second ingredient is something called compound vegetable fat (elite) whose first component is glucose syrup, that is, more sugar. As in the previous case, it includes vegetable palm fat, sunflower oil, and more glucose syrup.

To top it off they tell you that when you take it, enjoy that delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner and that it is COMPLETE AND BALANCED. That is how I stay reading it:

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How will you substitute a product whose first ingredient is sugar to a plate of food? Imagine on a plate all that sugar, fats, protein powder, all that amount of additives and compare it with a good plate of vegetables, with their whole grains, your legume, egg, fish or whatever you want with a splash of oil of extra virgin olive

Nothing to see! Here you have an image of a complete plate compared to 51 grams of sugar.

Fewer miracles, more education

The messages they launch about these products invite them to buy and trust them, they appear “experts” in food making very tempting promises, with results that “are guaranteed” and in addition, a well-paid celebrity leaves with the typical argument of “amimefuncinalism”.

Do not all these factors sound? They belong to the definition of a miracle diet.

The food substitutes in the supermarket I found next to the vegetable drinks and the famous bars Sarialis, which also have this image of healthy, but as you will see in this post, they are not.

Take these shakes do not teach the population to eat healthily and in a balanced way, do not teach them how to lose weight in a healthy and controlled way, and if it were the case that they would lose weight with one of these products. What should they do next? Why if they return to the previous habits they will recover the weight quickly!

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Nutrition education is very important, you should not substitute these products for food for a prolonged period and it is decided to take them always recommend to ask the advice of a dietitian-nutritionist, to help us during the process and then to eat healthy with them so as not to recover the lost weight again.

However, do they work?

Here are a couple of studies on food substitute products and their conclusions:

Analysis of a weight loss program. The text ends like this:

“Conclusions: Food substitutes, within a controlled diet program, were so effective and safe to lose weight and modify other anthropometric parameters, such as conventional dietary treatment.

Conflict of interests: the company Bicentury®, which trades with meal substitutes, has financed the present study. ”

The long-term efficacy of dietary replacements (RD) in weight loss (it is a review of several clinical trials) and concludes the following:

“This review suggests that the effectiveness of DR on weight loss is inconclusive due to inconsistent results and studies with low quality. Therefore, it requires more and better designs with more time for intervention and monitoring. ”


If you want to lose weight, learn to eat healthily or have decided to take a substitute or nutritional supplement, ask for advice from a Dietitian-Nutritionist.