Best Diet To Lose Weight : 7 Things You’re Doing That Might Be Slowing

By | September 25, 2018

best diet to lose weight

The best diet to lose weight, If you are trying to lose weight and find that the gauge does not collaborate, you may be surprised at what can stop your efforts. Three Orlando experts share the most common mistakes they see when trying to lose weight – and better tips to avoid them.

1. Lots of liquid calories

From the first cup of coffee in the morning to a glass of wine before bedtime-each can of soda, a cup of iced tea or a bottle of sports beverages among them-adds to the daily calorie intake. Counting calories in food but not in accompanying drinks can deter weight loss and even prevent it.

“People severely reduce the effect of liquid calories. Lisa Cooper, a nutritionist registered with Orlando Health, says they may cut soft drinks but are not aware of the calories in lemonade, juice and sports drinks.

Even low-calorie beverages such as the coffee can cause some damage in daily calorie intake.

“Coffee skimmer is the big culprit. Cooper said: “People are flocking to access a particular color, and they don’t appreciate the proposed service size, which is just two tablespoons.”

Instead: stick with water mostly, adding to sports drinks only when you are practicing sports. Drink the black coffee or add the size of the proposed service only the skimmer. Avoid soda, alcohol and sweet tea when trying to lose weight.

2. Skip Meals

Eating too few calories, or skipping meals altogether, can hinder weight loss and lead to overeating later.

Jaime Mas, a dietician, and dietitian who serves South Florida, said: “People often think that eating less weight loss, but not eating enough calories can have a negative effect.” “Skipping meals leads to low blood sugar and can lead to overeating when you finally eat something, plus intense cravings. In addition, skipping diets do not help with metabolic health. ”

Alternatively: Eat continuously throughout the day, starting with a rich protein breakfast, and keep healthy choices at hand when dining.

3. Lack of control part

Even good foods are bad when eaten more than custom food. Cooper said most Americans eat more than the size of the proposed quota and create dishes based on sensation or appearance rather than precise measurement.

She said: “People don’t realize what part of it is, usually smaller than you perceive.” “We hear people complaining when the restaurant offers very small portions, but probably how we should eat.”

Alternatively: Read the posters and look for item size suggestions for fruits and vegetables before you participate.

4. Eating too much

Many restaurants promote their low-calorie health options, but eating outside the house will most likely add more calories than daily food at home.

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“When you eat out of the house, you make it difficult for you to achieve the calorie target,” said Lauren Popeck, a nutritionist at Orlando Health Hospital. “Even a salad in a restaurant can contain 1000 calories or more in a meal. ”

Seemingly healthy options such as steamed vegetables are often prepared with more butter and more salt than dieting at home as well.

“If you know you want to lose weight, eating outside will hinder it,” Popeck said.

If you are eating, there are some steps you should take to help prevent them from damaging weight loss goals. Most restaurants provide nutritional information on websites, so look for dishes that correspond to the calorie and fat consumption that you are trying to stay on during the day before. See the surrounding meals as well, providing higher calorie and fat choices for the meal you eat.

Alternatively: Prepare more meals and snacks at home. When you eat, avoid making decisions immediately. Plan what you will eat and what modifications you may need in advance.

5. Failure to plan

One of the biggest pioneers of successful weight loss is the so-called Cooper concept “empty fridge “.

“When people shop in the grocery store inconsistently or don’t get the right food, they end up eating or grabbing junk food, which can easily get 1000 calories per meal,” she said. “The absence of items there, or the right time to prepare meals, makes it difficult to adhere to a health plan. ”

Alternatively: Plan each meal and snack for the week in advance and create a shopping list with all the items needed to make the meal plan. Cut fruits and vegetables in advance to grab the go and prep meals in advance when possible.

6. Relying on exercise alone

The process of speeding up the weight loss process can work, but the main engine of change is calorie reduction. A 30-minute workout with a donut bonus can cancel the hard work that has happened. The exercise should also be a permanent lifestyle addition.

“Do not exercise until you achieve your original goal. The exercise facilitates the maintenance of this weight, Cooper said.

Alternatively: Combine healthy eating and moderate exercises and plan to keep these habits after weight loss is achieved.

7. Follow fad diet

The best and most sustainable way to lose weight is to stick to the long-term lifestyle change. Primitive diets, or those that cut a lot of things for a short period of time, can lead to immediate but difficult-to-maintain results.

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“When we make a lot of changes quickly, they may often feel incredibly restrictive and have to overeat things that we have set as” bad foods. ” Removing a lot of things at once can be overwhelming, psychologically, “says Mas.

Bubeck says she sees customers who arrive at the weight loss they want through the root diets, and then return after several months, where they are starting or on the way to regain weight.

She said: “The mentality of everything or nothing can be too much, it may even lead to behavior afterward.”

Alternatively: Speak with a nutritionist or a registered nutritionist to develop a plan to lose weight in a sustainable and controlled manner.