Benefits Of Boiled Eggs For Weight Loss Only Eat Two Daily

By | January 3, 2019

Benefits of boiled eggs for weight loss, eggs are a staple food in Mexico food and present in a variety of dishes ranging from breakfast until dinner. Of course, you often hear that eating eggs every day increase cholesterol levels in the body; however, eggs provide benefits more than you can imagine and it is not a bad story in cholesterol.

benefits of boiled eggs for weight loss

According to the Completeness of the University of Madrid, “egg is very rich in essential amino acids, fatty acids and several minerals and vitamins that are needed in the diet. They are also a source of other components that currently play an important role in health and in the prevention of some common chronic diseases in modern society. ”

Therefore, consumption of two eggs a day offers several benefits. Next, we will tell you other benefits:

Increase muscle mass

Because of the high protein content of supporting an increase in muscle, mass but does not separate the egg white from the egg yolk; you have to eat it all. This is the perfect food for the athletes.

Lose weight

According to the International Journal of Obesity, has two eggs instead of a bagel or sandwich is better for weight loss. “The inclusion of eggs in weight control programs useful as a nutritional supplement to improve weight loss.”


Prevent brain aging

Eating two eggs a day prevents aging thanks to vitamin D stimulates cell regeneration but also prevent cognitive impairment. Because it contains the amino acid choline, eggs help you improve memory. According to the U.S. National Library of medicine, choline “is required for the synthesis of neurotransmitters (acetylcholine), signaling the cell membrane (phospholipids), lipid (lipoprotein) transport and metabolism of methyl groups (homocysteine reduction)”

benefits of boiled eggs for weight loss diet

Strengthens the immune system

In winter, it is advisable to eat two eggs a day, because it protects and strengthens the immune system. Eggs are a rich source of selenium, a mineral that strengthens the body’s defenses.

benefits of eating boiled eggs for weight loss

Protect your eyes

Eggs are foods containing lutein, chemical compounds that protect and maintain good vision.

Strengthens bones

The egg has a good amount of calcium, beneficial to strengthen the bones of the body.

benefits of hard boiled eggs for weight loss

Prevent anemia

Among the properties of the egg is folic acid vitamin B-types, which help the formation of red blood cells. People who lack this vitamin has the risk of anemia.

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Escape from depression

Although in the winter there is little sunshine, the egg is a good source of vitamin D, according to the food agency of Sweden, so it is a good idea to put it in our daily food.

Thus, what I can say in the current article about the benefits of boiled eggs for weight loss, hopefully can be useful for you.