Are You Very Busy and Want To Lose Weight? This To Achieve it

By | January 5, 2019

Do you want to lose a few pounds easily? You are not the only one. According to a recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, almost half of the adults surveyed said they were trying to lose weight.

very busy and want to lose weight vegetarian

It seems so simple to eat better and exercise more, right? We take care of ourselves, we are tired, we eat anything to have energy and let us face it, what fattening tastes delicious! The planning and will power that is required our lives so that we get into the jeans of last year usually lasts as long as chocolate in our hands.

However, here is the thing: according to Dr. Jonathan Dugas, researcher, and consultant at Vitality Group, we do not need to do anything radical to lose weight. Here are nine tips that we can apply to lose weight without feeling miserable.

1. You cannot beat a bad diet
very busy and want to lose weight fast

The first important point is that, regardless of how much exercise you do, you can never beat a bad diet. Although being active helps you burn calories, the fact of being overweight or obese is a matter strictly related to what you eat, not your activity levels. It is important to remember that weight loss is a marathon and not a fast race. Individuals who are more overweight or obese have more weight to lose. Managing expectations is the key to staying on the right track and achieving your goals.

2. Choose a diet, any diet
very busy and want to lose weight exercise

The key to diets is that, by design, they in a deficiency of energy, and to lose weight you need a deficiency of energy. So if a person chooses a diet and follows it, they will most likely lose weight, although the amount of weight and if they lose more fat or muscle, it can vary. Do not be afraid to leave a diet and try a different one if the one you are doing does not work for you. The most likely thing is that you have to do some trial and error before you find the diet that makes you feel good and that fits your lifestyle better.

3. Forget the exercise for now … and the smoothies!
very busy and want to lose weight gain

It is normal for someone to feel a wake-up call and be motivated to activate. However, the tendency is that we will try to fix everything at once and end up being very ambiguous. This can be a problem. If your goal is to lose weight, concentrate on losing weight. That means changing your eating habits to achieve that daily calorie deficit, but it also means that you do not have to increase your physical activity because increasing exercise routines not only ends up absorbing your energy but because the increase in caloric requirement will cause you to have more hungry.

In addition, most of us feel good allowing ourselves a reward after exercising because we feel we deserve it. However, an energy drink (100 calories) and an energy bar (200-300 calories) is all you need to match the 300-400 calories you just burned at the gym. In addition, forget about the smoothie after the gym because you are adding, easy, another 500 calories to your daily intake.

4. Eat what you prepare and take what you cook
very busy and want to lose weight 30 days

We are surrounded by convenient and accessible food options, but also highly caloric. In some situations, these options make sense, for example, when you have to take a very early flight and end up eating your breakfast at the airport. However, if you prepare your own food, even if you do not choose the healthiest ingredients in the world all the time, it will result in lower calorie intake. Therefore, choosing to prepare your own meals whenever you can is a great victory. It is important to understand that very few of us can do this all the time, and that is fine. However, set some weekly goals like taking your food to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

5. Socialize
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Cooking for one person or two may seem like a greater effort than eating out. Better, use your influence among your circle of friends and organize dinners in different houses. They do not have to be extravagant dinners, because most likely you’re not the only one who wants to be healthier, but they can put some criteria between you and cook for everyone once a week. You only need to add two or three to cover each night of the week, and so you have more time to see your friends.

6. Limit, but do not eliminate alcohol
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Enjoying a drink is not a crime and it will not ruin your health. However, drinking too much can ruin your efforts to lose weight because alcoholic beverages are high in calories. Limiting your alcohol intake will help. For some, that means not taking certain days of the week and for others, it will only be a drink when they leave or leave beer or wine. Find something that seems comfortable to you and do it.

7. Do not drink your calories when you can eat them
very busy and want to lose weight overnight

When you have to choose between eating your calories and drinking them, always choose to eat them. Water is always the best option, but there is a long list of drinks without calories or without sugar. With about 150 calories per can, sugary drinks such as soft drinks, sports drinks and juices (yes, juices) are the main enemies here. Even taking two a day is as if you had eaten an extra sandwich in the food.

8. Get professional help

Consider going with a professional. Nutritionists have specific training to help people manage their weight. If you are overweight or obese, a nutritionist may even be in your health insurance. However, even if not, think of your knowledge, support, and supervision as an investment in your health and your future.

A typical treatment is between 3 and 6 months, and although health is a lifelong commitment, having the help of a nutritionist will not require so much time.

9. Do not be afraid to change
very busy and want to lose weight quickly

Arriving at the right combination of habits and behaviors that suit you will require some effort, much trial, and error. Therefore, you must be willing to change what is not working for you.